Friday, March 5, 2010

Tools of the Trade

I have pictured above some of the tools I use in needle felting- NOT all of them are necessary! The necessary items include needles and holder, some wool and a sponge or pad to work on (your needle should go through your work to properly lock the wool, so you need something underneath to protect the work surface and prevent the needles from breaking). In addition to colored wools, white stuffing wool for three-dimensional objects and a wool batt (felted fabric) you can see:
1. A pink, pen-style needle holder that hold 3 needles. This is the tool I use most often. Needles can be removed for more fine work.
2. Near it, a green and beige needle holder that holds 5 needles. I use this for working larger areas and for locking down final work. (You can get needle holders made of metal or wool, holding more or fewer needles).
3. A somewhat worn needling foam and something that looks like a pale green clothes or shoe brush (the latter near the yellow wool)- these are both used under your work to protect the work surface/needles.
4. Scissors to trim fibers you cannot lock in (I generally pull and tear my wool to get the size piece I want and rarely cut the fibers, unless they are very long) and cut batts, etc.
5. Wooden-handled hand carders- you do not need these unless you get addicted and start buying raw wool to clean and process yourself. I just put then in the photo for fun!
I also included a bag of dyed curly locks (I think they are merino) that are fun to use to add dimension or for doll or animal hair/fur, but are not necessary.
Next time, a beginners project! Until then, I'll be needlin' around!

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  1. It'll be neat to see step by step photos of a project...expecially for us visual people. :)