Monday, January 27, 2014

Gift Tag

I am what I call "gift-giving impaired."  I like to give gifts, but often forget things, like: I have the gift, but forgot wrapping paper.  I have the gift and wrapping paper, but forgot the card.  I have the gift, but nothing else.  But a clever felter is never without a card, gift label or gift decoration, even if you realized you did not have part of the wrapping "accouterments" 15 minutes before you are to leave for the party.  So, in this case, for a young girl I call, "Glo," I wrapped the box in tissue paper, wrapped silver tulle around as a bow and quickly felted a heart tag wither her nickname on it!  I did not even need to "sign" the tag, as my young friend's mom knows me well (in other circumstances, I would have felted "Love, Judy" on the tag).
Neccesity is the Mother of Felting!