Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Felted fish

Needle-Felted Fish
I have a friend who likes to go fishing, so, for her birthday, I am making some needle-felted fish (I don't think she is reading this blog!). The basic process is to first cut out a fish shape from some wool felt (you can fashion and needle a handful of wool into a fish shape as an alternative).

I then built up each side with some stuffing wool, lightly needled it into place, and added some variegated gray wool:
Next, I began to work in details with colored wool, using three, two, then one needle, as the parts got smaller:
Lastly, I added some dyed, curly locks for fun, needle felted a string into the "mouth" (you can also sew it in or work it in much earlier in the process) and tied the string to a pole. I hope to make a few of these to put in a coffee cup or glass!
Till next time, I will be needlin' around!(PS Garden season has started, so I am busy, and needle felting has a season, too, for me, fall and winter, so I will continue to add posts, but they should pick up substantially in the fall!)