Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More dolls

Here are a few more dolls made the same way the Father Christmas doll or figure was made (see that entry).  As I have stated, these dolls are Steiner dolls, that is, they were used in Steiner classrooms. The philosophy of a Steiner education was that craft was important and that learning happened through doing.  Steiner dolls, like Amish dolls, have no facial features, to encourage imagination (the Amish, however, did not depict faces for religious reasons). The first is a winter doll (seasonality and seasonal displays were important in Steiner classroom). The other two are dolls in summer dress.  The winter doll is dressed for travel, carrying a basket of food to friends, and her knitting in a bag to work on during her visit.  The summer dolls, one with a flower ring in her hair, are ready to frolic in the grass.