Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project 2: Felt pillow

Using the same techniques as in the felted card, but on a larger scale, I needle felted this pillow (though still have yet to stuff it). I free lanced on the design, knowing I wanted a wild vine in a somewhat circular form overall. There are a few other differences from the felted card- this design has more shading (on the vines) and I used dyed, curly Merino locks to add the yellow curves to the center flower. I have only ever seen these for sale at fiber festivals-they add a bit of fun, and dimension, to your work. The next step is to stitch this into a pillow and stuff it. I probably will not use wool for the backing- it is expensive and pillows need to have one non-wool side, in case the wool feels itchy to you. I will probably use fleece. Hum..I might add a few vines too...
Till next time I'll be needlin' around!


  1. Just delightful, hi from New Zealand. Marie

  2. That's beautiful! I clicked to enlarge to see more detail.