Monday, February 4, 2013

Knitted shawl with felted trim

The Shawl

Yours truly

I purchased this boucle yarn at the Fall Fiber Festival in Montepelier, VA a few years ago and knitted it into a shawl (at the festival, the yard looked more pink and less orange).  It is a pretty bright color!  I could not decide how to finish off the edges. The simple pattern called for tassels, but that doesn't work with loopy boucle and it did not want to add more orange or make it any longer.  So, I opted for needle felted "bobble" trims in a variety of shapes and colors.  I have made this shawl again in blue and will post that result when ready (and I am knitting it in purple too- boy is it cozy warm!)

Close-up of trim-this seems closer to the color of the boucle.

Coming soon: a report on the work of the fabulous students in my needle felting class at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden!  

Till then, I'll be needlin' around!

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